G580 Y480 E450-75+ Original Lenovo Laptop Battery (99% models supported)

৳ 2,600.00৳ 2,800.00

Condition : Replacement, Brand New
Voltage : 10.8V
Capacity : 4400mAh
Number of Cells : 6 cells
Cell Type : Li-ion
Color : Black
Size : 203.80×50.50×20.00mm(L x W x H)
Warranty : 6 Months

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  • Air

Compatible Lenovo Parts

  • L11P6R01
  • 45N1045
  • L11N6R01
  • 45N1043
  • 45N1042
  • L11L6R01
  • L11N6Y01
  • 45N1049
  • L11L6F01
  • L11L6Y01
  • 75
  • L11S6Y01
  • 75+
  • L11S6F01
  • L11M6Y01
  • 45N1048

Compatible Lenovo Laptop Models

  • IdeaPad G580
  • IdeaPad B485
  • IdeaPad B580
  • IdeaPad G485
  • IdeaPad G585
  • IdeaPad V480S
  • IdeaPad V480U
  • IdeaPad V580
  • IdeaPad V580C
  • IdeaPad Y480A
  • IdeaPad Y480M-IFI
  • IdeaPad Y480N
  • IdeaPad Y485
  • IdeaPad Y580M
  • IdeaPad Y580N
  • IdeaPad Y580NT
  • IdeaPad Z380I
  • IdeaPad Z480
  • IdeaPad Z580
  • IdeaPad Z585
  • ThinkPad EDGE E430
  • ThinkPad EDGE E430C
  • ThinkPad EDGE E530C
  • ThinkPad EDGE E540



Our website is a great place to get high-quality Lenovo laptop batteries! To ensure maximum performance, this brand new 4400mAh(6 cells) replacement Lenovo IdeaPad G580 Li-ion battery is constructed with high-grade cells from Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. The Lenovo IdeaPad G580 battery pack’s housing is comprised of non-flammable, extremely robust plastic that is both fire-resistant and non-perishable when dropped from low heights.
We are a laptop battery dealer specializing in replacement batteries. We can send high-quality replacement products to your door at the most cheap pricing because of our direct links with manufacturers overseas and logistical locations around the country.
All of our high-grade replacement batteries for the Lenovo IdeaPad G580 laptop have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they will work with your laptop.
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G580 Y480 E450-75+ Original Lenovo Laptop Battery (99% models supported)

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