New genuine Battery for ASUS VivoBook 14 X442UA X442UQ X442UR X442UF F442U A480U C21N1638 7.6V 38WH

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  • Brand Name: Asus
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Cell: 4 cell
  • Voltage: 7.6V
  • Battery Capacity: 38WH
  • Color: Black
  • Product Type: Genuine battery
  • Part Number:

    Warranty: 6 Months

  • Air
  • Sea
Part Number:
0B200-02630000, 2ICP4/59/134, C21N1638
Fit Laptop Models:
FOR VivoBook 14 X442UA X442UQ X442UR F442U A480U

For VivoBook X442UF

A480U, F442U, F442UR, VivoBook 14 P1400UA, VivoBook 14 P1400UA-FA196R, VivoBook 14 X442U, VivoBook 14 X442UA, VivoBook 14 X442UA-1B, VivoBook 14 X442UA-1C, VivoBook 14 X442UA-3F, VivoBook 14 X442UA-3G, VivoBook 14 X442UA-FA016T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-FA069R, VivoBook 14 X442UA-FA070T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-FA103T, Vivobook 14 X442UA-FA141R, VivoBook 14 X442UA-FA185R, Vivobook 14 X442UA-FA317R, VivoBook 14 X442UA-FA318R, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA022T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA034T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA040, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA061R, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA066T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA086T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA100R, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA137T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA139T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA165T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA192T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA265T, VivoBook 14 X442UA-GA285T, VivoBook 14 X442UF, VivoBook 14 X442UF-3G, VivoBook 14 X442UF-F001T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-F002T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-F003T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA001T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA002T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA003T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA004T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA005T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA006T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA041T, VivoBook 14 X442UF-FA057T, VivoBook 14 X442UN, VivoBook 14 X442UN-AH8203T, VivoBook 14 X442UN-F031T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA005T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA006T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA023T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA049T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA050T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA056T, VivoBook 14 X442UQ-FA058T, VivoBook 14 X442UR, VivoBook 14 X442UR-FA023T, VivoBook 14 X442UR-FA049T, VivoBook 14 X442UR-FA050T, VivoBook 14 X442UR-FA051T, VivoBook 14 X442UR-GA028T, VivoBook 14 X442UR-GA029T, VivoBook 14 X442UR-GA071T, VivoBook E12 E203MA-FD018TS, VivoBook E12 E203MA-TBCL432B, VivoBook E12 E203MAH-FD005T, VivoBook E12 E203MAH-FD006, VivoBook E12 E203MAH-FD012T, VivoBook E12 E203MAH-FD015, VivoBook E12 E203MAH-FD016T, VivoBook E12 E203MAH-FD411T, VivoBook E12 E203NA-FD026TS, VivoBook E12 E203NA-FD043TS, VivoBook E12 E203NA-FD084R, VivoBook E12 E203NA-FD084TS, Vivobook E12 E203NA-YS02, VivoBook E12 E203NA FD027TS, VivoBook E12 E203NAH-FD010T, VivoBook E12 X207NA-FD024T, VivoBook E12 X207NA-FD103T, VivoBook E203MA-TBCL432B, VivoBook E203NA-YS02, Vivobook L203NA-FD037TS, VivoBook L203NA-FD044T, Vivobook L203NA-FD052TS, VivoBook L203NA-FD094T, Vivobook L203NA-FD126T, Vivobook X442UA, Vivobook X442UF, VivoBook X442UF-FA002T, VivoBook X442UF-FA006T, Vivobook X442UN, Vivobook X442UQ, Vivobook X442UR, X442UA, X442UA-1B, X442UA-1C, X442UA-3F, X442UA-3G, X442UA-FA015T, X442UA-FA016T, X442UA-FA022T, X442UA-FA054T, X442UA-FA061R, X442UA-FA069R, X442UA-FA070T, X442UA-FA085, X442UA-FA100R, X442UA-FA103T, X442UA-FA111R, X442UA-FA142R, X442UA-FA165T, X442UA-FA185R, X442UA-FA192, X442UA-FA193, X442UA-FA265T, X442UA-FA317R, X442UA-GA022, X442UA-GA061R, X442UA-GA103, X442UA-GA139T, X442UF-1B, X442UF-1C, X442UF-3F, X442UF-3G, X442UF-FA, X442UF-FA001T, X442UF-FA002T, X442UF-FA003T, X442UF-FA004T, X442UF-FA005T, X442UF-FA006T, X442UF-FA057T, X442UN, X442UN-1B, X442UN-AH8203T, X442UN-FA028T, X442UN-FA031T, X442UQ, X442UQ-1A, X442UQ-1B, X442UQ-1C, X442UQ-3F, X442UQ-3G, X442UQ-FA005T, X442UQ-FA006T, X442UQ-FA023T, X442UQ-FA050T, X442UQ-FA053T, X442UQ-FA058T, X442UQ-GA034T, X442UR, X442UR-1B, X442UR-1C, X442UR-3F, X442UR-3G, X442UR-FA023T, X442UR-FA049T, X442UR-FA050T, X442UR-FA051T, X442UR-FA058T, X442UR-GA020, X442UR-GA022, X442UR-GA028T, X442UR-GA029T, X442UR-GA061T, X442UR-GA071T
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New genuine Battery for ASUS VivoBook 14 X442UA X442UQ X442UR X442UF F442U A480U C21N1638 7.6V 38WH

৳ 2,350.00৳ 2,550.00

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